The Shrewsbury Green Network
Agreed Policy

The Shrewsbury Green Network

The town is blessed with extraordinary greenspaces, courtesy of the River Severn corridor and a superb landscape setting. However, Shrewsbury does not make the most of what is has and we want to make greenspace much more accessible for people and to make it richer and more biodiverse. We want people to enjoy better access to the river and other waterside places.  We want our Big Green Plan to improve the health and well-being of people in the town, by promoting walking, cycling, greater enjoyment of outdoor space and greater access to the countryside. Our aims are:

  • To connect up the wider greenspace network across the town, making new green links where possible and improving existing links and green corridors;
  • To make much more of the River Severn corridor and its tributary valleys and brooks that form key green spaces within the heart of the urban area;
  • To ensure that new development, wherever it is planned, delivers better quality and strategic greenspace that connects to our existing green spaces and proposed new corridors.