Our Pledge

This Big Town Plan heralds a step change.

A change in how we work collaboratively as a town and a change in what we can achieve together.

This is the first time that there has been a genuine willingness of all the key partners to pool resources and work cohesively to plan for our town’s future with realistic, practical and sustainable aspirations – with a clear route map of how we get there.

It is ambitious and bold, reshaping the physical public realm and matching it with an outstanding experience. Through this Plan, we revolutionise movement around our town and attract vital investment.

We are continually listening to what the public wants to see happen, and have taken soundings and insights from businesses and key stakeholders.

We are putting people at the heart of the town, so it becomes an even better place to live, visit, work and invest. The Big Town Plan provides the springboard to achieve it.

Now it’s time together to make it happen.

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