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Smithfield and Riverside

A computer-generated image giving an idea of how the Riverside area of Shrewsbury may look after development.

Shropshire Council has presented major proposals to transform the Smithfield Road and Riverside area of Shrewsbury – taking the town to the water to create a stunning riverside attraction.

The ambition is to create a destination that will see 270 new homes built, offering the chance to live, work and relax in the middle of a green, modern town centre.

The council says the transformation should help Shrewsbury attract 750,000 new visits a year, and substantially increase investment and footfall for the benefit of existing businesses across the county as part of a wider £800 million investment in the town under the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council’s Deputy Leader, and Cabinet member for economic growth, regeneration and planning, said:

“This is a game-changing mixed-use development combining new leisure attractions, vibrant hospitality and public space, a new quayside and hotels to support the town’s existing retail, while bringing new workspace that can attract high quality jobs into the town.

“A place where you arrive by a brand-new eco-friendly bus, on your bicycle or somewhere you can park – and charge – your electric vehicle.

“A place you can work in a zero carbon office and enjoy a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants and bars – all next to the new quayside fronting onto River Severn.

“A development that will create almost 2,000 jobs, see a modern, friendly Multi-Agency Hub and offices open with 500 spaces for workers, allowing the public to access what they need, where and when they need it.

“Somewhere with a brand new bus facility, a high-quality transport hub kitted out for modern vehicles with more charge points, better lighting and bigger spaces.”

View the full Shropshire Council Cabinet report here.

A computer-generated image to demonstrate how the Riverside area of Shrewsbury could look in the future.

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