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The Big Connection

West End : Riverside : Station : Northern Corridor : Flaxmill Maltings

The Big Connection is the biggest regeneration opportunity in Shrewsbury. Each area is different and each has its own character and heritage, but taken together, these areas form a large corridor of opportunity running from the West End up to the Flaxmill Maltings.  Our plans are ambitious and transformative. The individual projects in the individual areas need to be developed and tested at the next stage.

Our proposals include:

  • A balance of new mixed use development and high quality public realm in and around the West End;
  • Improvements to the walkability and public realm on Mardol;
  • The redirection of traffic along Smithfield to Raven Meadows, opening up the Smithfield as a pedestrian priority promenade;
  • The re-configuration over time of the Riverside shopping centre and better integration and complementary activities with Darwin and Pride Hill centres  with the introduction of new uses that could include leisure, food and drink, residential and commercial spaces. Including new pedestrian links from Pride Hill down to the Riverside.
  • The redefining of the area around the multi storey car park and the bus station;
  • New development on both sides of the Station, including a new square/piazza in front of the station and the removal of through traffic to create a better environment;
  • New development opportunities on under-used sites in the Northern Corridor for new workspaces and housing;
  • Improving the lighting and quality of the public realm and under the railway bridge;
  • A “low-line” green movement corridor along the route of the former canal connecting the Flaxmill Maltings with other improvements to the northern corridor.

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