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Creating Enterprise Vitality, Life & Mix
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Castle Street vision and development framework

A project to test and deliver improvements to a key area of the town centre.

Castle Street runs from the train station into the heart of the town centre and is home to businesses, residential dwellings and two of the town’s most significant historic assets – Shrewsbury Castle and Shrewsbury Library (Grade 1 Listed former Shrewsbury School Building) – both owned by Shropshire Council.

However the street suffers from vacant units (including upper floors), a lack of identity and coherence, and despite relatively high footfall is economically under-performing. This project builds on the substantial work to date on the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan and in particular relates to the themes of ‘Creating Enterprise’ and ‘Supporting Vitality, Life & Mix’.

Independent consultancy, LDA Design, was appointed during August 2019 to engage with businesses, residents, relevant land owners, partners and stakeholders to co-create a vision and development framework for Castle Street.

This will include soft-market tested and deliverable development proposals including the re-purposing and re-configuration of existing buildings, as well as small scale and temporary interventions that could be delivered now to improve the public realm and experience.

To read the full project brief click here.

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