Shrewsbury Narrative and Place Marketing Brief

We wish to appoint a consultant to work with the Big Town Plan Partnership and local community to co-create a compelling Shrewsbury narrative and effective Place marketing strategy.

We want to uncover the unique history and lived experiences of our local community to inform our Story, bringing local people together and inspiring conversations to bring about change.

As well as supporting our recovery from COVID-19, the project will be vital in facilitating longer term transformation – positioning and promoting Shrewsbury as an exceptional place to live, work, visit, study and invest over the next ten years.

The successful consultant will be expected to demonstrate strong experience in community engagement, market research and trends analysis.  We envisage that some of the engagement with the partnership and community will need to take place online whilst movement restrictions are in place.

As a minimum we require the appointed consultant team to work collaboratively with the partnership and community to:

  • Determine who is ‘Shrewsbury’ for, what is ‘Shrewsbury’ for, why is ‘Shrewsbury’ different, what is the ambition of ‘Shrewsbury’ and what is the story of ‘Shrewsbury’, past, present and future?
  • Involve a wide range of individuals and groups from the public, private, and voluntary sectors to ensure diversity of thought is captured in the place narrative
  • Establish the positioning of Shrewsbury in a regional and national context
  • Establish a strong and clear economic sense of place for Shrewsbury that highlights key attributes and opportunities by sector
  • Identify a compelling suite of strengths, assets and opportunities to showcase the Shrewsbury story regionally and nationally
  • Identify the key achievements and messages that best portray the Shrewsbury story – to include new ideas as well as established stories/themes
  • Develop a place marketing strategy and action plan identifying current and potential audiences and setting out marketing activities, channels and products for each
  • Make recommendations on the best model to deliver the Place Marketing Strategy and Action Plan
  • Identify compelling points of difference that enable Shrewsbury to stand out from the competition as an exceptional place to invest, work, visit and live
  • Explore our regional relationships, particularly with Birmingham and help articulate our place within the Midlands Engine
  • Review the town’s ‘Original Shrewsbury’ visual identity and brand guidelines

The Shrewsbury narrative and place marketing strategy will be used by town to:

  • Guide the promotional and marketing work of the town
  • Encourage local people to spend more time and money in the town centre
  • Carry out targeted marketing campaigns to attract new and existing audiences
  • Engage with key local stakeholders, including the private sector, who can become supporters and influencers for Shrewsbury
  • Promote and celebrate civic pride amongst existing residents
  • Support the development and promotion of the visitor and cultural offer
  • Promote the town as a place of educational excellence
  • Create jobs and opportunities for residents in the town centre
  • Showcase development and positive progress of the Big Town Plan
  • Stimulate interest, enquiries and secure inward investment
  • Raise the profile of strategic investment opportunities
  • Support collaboration across Shrewsbury and communicate a clear purpose
  • Promote a shared sense of ambition and purpose and help to create an environment where things happen
  • Articulate and guide future place-making initiatives, projects and programmes

We would welcome your views as to any other specific pieces of work which may not have been considered within this project brief but would be beneficial for inclusion and could be accommodated within the project budget.


Download the Shrewsbury Narrative & Place Marketing Strategy Brief