A picture of a Plantlock in Shrewsbury

New Plantlocks helping cyclists in Shrewsbury

Cyclists in Shrewsbury have locked on to a new idea which will allow them to travel into town and park up securely – thanks to new ‘Plantlocks’ being placed around the town.

The Plantlocks, a metal planter with hoops for locking bikes, have been funded by Shropshire Council and installed by Shrewsbury Town Council, and are part of the Big Town Plan to encourage more people to cycle into Shrewsbury.

They are being installed at a number of points in Shrewsbury town centre and are designed to give cyclists the confidence to leave their bikes at a secured location – as well as providing a splash of floral colour.

Councillor Peter Nutting, leader of Shropshire Council, said: “We are delighted to see the Plantlocks starting to go up around town – they look fantastic and will go some way to encourage more cycling.

“The Big Town Plan partnership is committed to encouraging more cycling and walking, so people can reduce their reliance on their car or public transport.

“During the current crisis people are obviously wary about travelling in numbers on public transport so it is the ideal time to continue the efforts to get more people cycling on both a national and local level.”

Councillor Alan Mosley, leader of Shrewsbury Town Council, said: “One of the main aims of the Big Town Plan is to promote active green networks and encourage cycling and walking.

“People are also understandably cautious at the moment about public transport and are keen to reduce reliance on the car. 

“The Plantlocks have been planted up and look great – there are two outside the Allotment Greengrocers on Coleham and another two outside Ginger & Co in Princess Street – both businesses are supporting the scheme and have agreed to water them.

“There will be additional cycle racks in other highprofile places around the town centre, like The Square, and we will also be having racks installed along Victoria Avenue, which is Route 81 of the National Cycle Network.

“It’s a perfect way for people to come into town on their cycles and be able to park with the reassurance of knowing that their bikes are safe and secure.”

Sam Gwilliam, owner of Ginger & Co in Princess Street, added: “The Plantlocks are a lovely additional to the look and feel of the street and no doubt will be used by the many cyclists who venture into town and visit our coffee shop.”