Shrewsbury Big Town Plan

What happens next?

Last Summer over fifty local people and organisations participated in a series of workshops about the future of our town.

The conversations and ideas which flowed from these sessions have formed the basis of the outline Big Town Plan.

The public are being invited to share their thoughts and ideas which will help shape and improve the plan.

A special popup space has been created at 80 Wyle Cop, where the public can explore the themes in person and view large scale artist impressions of how the town could be transformed.

This website has been created for anyone to read the full outline plan and comment in more detail on the different sections and suggest specific project ideas.

In November 2017 the Big Town Plan will be developed further following comments and ideas received, and a prioritised shared action plan will be created.

You will be able to keep updated with the progress of the Big Town Plan on this website.

You can signup to our mailing list here, and follow us on twitter here.

Big Town Plan at 80 Wyle Cop

The Big Town Plan popup shop has now closed. Thank you to the 5000+ people who took part.

What's my role?


As the primary investors in the future of Shrewsbury, it will be critical for property and business owners to support this plan’s vision and pursue physical and economic investments that take Shrewsbury a step closer to the vision set out in the Big Town Plan.


The institutions, facilities, non-profits and community organisations that call Shrewsbury home have a unique and important role to provide value to the recommendations contained within the Big Town Plan.


Shrewsbury is your home - it is critical that your voices are heard and your needs are recognised.


As representatives of the business community, Shrewsbury BID will be the champion of this plan, ensuring that appropriate partners are engaged, and that the process to implement Plan initiatives is transparent.


As representatives of the residents, and the managers of many of the town’s assets, Shrewsbury Town Concil will play an key role in the development and delivery of the Big Town Plan.


As part of the Economic Growth Strategy and the Local Plan, Shropshire Council will be responsible for ensuring that the priorities, policies and projects in the Big Town Plan are supported as investment decisions are made.

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